Best Vegan Supplements UK

Best Vegan Supplements UK

Everyone is trying their best to have their bodies run optimally. Whether it is to burn fat, grow muscle, fight off infections and other diseases, or to simply avoid medical expenses, people are willing to pay to get the best for their bodies.

Among those who want to stay at optimal health are vegans or people who are on a strict plant-based diet. There is plenty of research that supports the idea of being vegan and being healthy, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

Being vegan means your diet and lifestyle revolve around everyday consumption of plant-based goods, and this can be crippling if you’re not well-read about veganism or plant-based culture.

One of the more challenging aspects of being vegan is being vegan and still grinding like the rest of the non-vegans. This is difficult due to the lack of vegan options when it comes to “quick” or “instant” foods.

If not addressed, being vegan can cause someone to be nutritionally deficient, which defeats the purpose of adapting veganism.

Supplement companies recognise this problem, hence the emergence of vegan multivitamin supplements.

As the name implies, vegan multivitamin supplements are supplements formulated to address nutritional gaps a busy vegan would experience on a daily basis.

Just like any other supplement, finding the right vegan supplement for you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

There are simply far too many vegan multivitamins out there.

To help you maintain a vegan lifestyle without being at risk of nutritional gaps, I’ve decided to help narrow your search by listing the best vegan supplements you can buy today.

5 best vegan supplements as recommended by a nutritionist

Here’s my top list of the best vegan supplements with the benefits and features of each one I think you’ll like.

The Protein Works Vegan Multivitamin Gummies

Multivitamin Gummies

Key features and benefits

  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Tastes just like a gummy sweet
  • Chewable and easy to swallow
  • Vegan vitamins and minerals
  • Mixed fruit flavours
  • Natural ingredients
  • Not based on animal products
  • High levels of vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin B12
  • Comes in three sizes

The Protein Works Vegan Multivitamin Gummies is a good vegan multivitamin choice. It’s unique in how it delivers much needed plant-based nutrients in the form of, well, gummies!

The company is essentially making it fun to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Tablets and soft gels are so boring because they’re over and done with. I also believe vitamin b12 is best encased in this type of medium for a slow-release effect.

With gummies, you actually look forward to opening a jar of one of the best vegan multivitamin brands in the industry.

When we say one of the best vegan multivitamin brands, we mean it.

Why? Because I believe the best vegan multivitamin brands should seek to innovate regardless of what trend they are following.

If your product is boring or doesn’t generate enough hype, it would be tough selling your brand as one of the best vegan multivitamin brands ever, and we think The Protein Works earned that title.

On top of making it fun for vegans to get their vitamins and minerals for a better immune system, the product is also flexible when it comes to sizes.

You can choose to buy in three sizes: 60, 120, or 180 gummies.

Not all supplements have this type of selection. Most vitamins just stick to one bottle and be done with it, so it’s nice to see The Protein Works keep the tradition alive.

Considering all of the things I’ve discussed, that is why The Protein Works is one of the best multivitamin brands today.

MyProtein: Myvegan Vitamins Bundle

Myvegan Vitamins Bundle

Best features and benefits I think you’ll like

  • Vegan Omega-3, vitamin D, vitamin B12 bundle
  • Vegan iron & folic acid food supplements
  • Fills the three main nutritional gaps most vegans experience
  • Ideal for anyone following a plant-based diet and a balanced vegan diet

This part is going to be a bit different since I would be recommending a bundle of vitamins and minerals instead of just one bottle.

When you think about it, probably 9/10 vegan multivitamins offer one bottle for everything, but is that really the ideal way of getting all the essential vitamins or at least the key vitamins?

Myvegan (from Myprotein) says no, and responds with a line of products that are properly divided according to the needs of someone following a vegan diet or even a balanced diet.

It’s why they came out with separate bottles for vegan sources of omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin b12, and folic acid.

They may not have the other vital vitamins or crucial nutrients, but each bottle is specially formulated for specific nutritional gaps even a healthy lifestyle may have.

These include vitamin D deficiency, low iron levels, or just filling an essential nutrient gap or two.

Myvegan brands may not be a whole foods multivitamin, but they do cater to a market that just wants the simple health benefits of a vegan multivitamin without the bells and whistles.

The Protein Works Vegan Vitamin B12 Tablets

Vegan Vitamin B12 Tablets

On top of vitamin D and omega 3, Vitamin B12 is another nutrient that most vegans miss out on simply because the best sources of vitamin B12 happen to be meat products.

The Protein Works came out with one of the best vitamin B12 supplements, and it just happened to be perfect for vegans.

Key benefits

  • Available in three sizes
  • Can help improve brain function and lower risk of anaemia
  • Pairs well with other vegan multivitamins and mineral supplement products

Their vitamin b12 product contains exactly 1000 micrograms of vitamin b12, which is equivalent to a whopping 40,000% recommended intake.

This may seem overkill, but the reality is the body does not absorb vitamin b12 well. As to concerns of it being too high a dose, it’s also water soluble, so you’re often just urinating the excess.

One way to further improve this product is by adding vitamin D. Vitamin D in a vegan diet is not that high unless you’re eating fortified foods.

Adding vitamin D would make this vitamin b12 product really excel in filling vegan nutrient gaps.

Myprotein 100% Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein is taking the protein industry by storm. It’s one of the best protein powders for vegans, it’s a complete protein, and has a natural earthy or nutty taste.

Key benefits you might like

  • 15 g protein per serving
  • Can be combined with other essential vitamins and supplements
  • Easy to digest
  • Gluten free
  • A good fibre source
  • Made with 100% raw hemp seeds

Myprotein 100% Hemp Protein is one of the best vegan multivitamin brand sources of protein. Unlike conventional protein supplements, hemp is quite literally made from ground hemp seeds.

This means on top of the healthy, plant-based protein, you will also get some of the benefits inherent to seeds in general such as healthy unsaturated fats, fibre for digestion, and some antioxidants.

The only drawbacks I see is the lack of complexity. You can be too simple in the world of supplements, and plant-based proteins are no exception.

What I suggest is adding this product on top of your usual mix of vitamins and minerals, maybe add a dose of vitamin C on top. You can even add this as part of your mineral supplement shake.

Vegan Omega 3:6:9 Ahiflower Oil

Vegan Omega Oil

It’s no secret that those who are on vegan diets need more than their fair share of omega 3s. The best sources happen to be fatty fish or oily fish and krill, and vegan society won’t tolerate animal-based foods in their products.

Plant sources of omega 3s are really bad, however, as the amount you need to eat just to get your daily dose of omega 3 can be too staggering for the average vegan.

Fortunately, science has progressed in a way that allows us to get our share of omega 3s from plants in a more efficient way, and that’s where The Protein Works’ Vegan Omega 3:6:9 Ahiflower oil comes in.

Key benefits you’ll like

  • No magnesium stearate
  • Gluten free
  • Not based on animal products
  • Plastic-free packaging

Vegan Omega 3:6:9 Ahiflower Oil is one of the best sources of plant-based omega 3. Each softgel provides a highly bioavailable source of omega 3 and omega 6 into the diet, helping vegans fill in nutritional gaps left by restricting animal-based food products.

This powerhouse formula is composed of three potent omega 3 sources: evening primrose, flaxseed, and fish oils. The ratio is explained in the label:

  • 3 is for omega 3 fatty acids: Stearidonic acid and alpha linoleic acid
  • 6 is for omega 6 fatty acids: Gamma linolenic acid and linoleic acid
  • 9 is for omega 9 fatty acids: Oleic acid

One drawback is how this supplement is not exactly something that can stand on its own.

I think it works better in conjunction with digestive enzymes for better nutrient absorption and maybe part of your daily vitamin b12 dose for a strong immune system synergy.

I’m also not sure if you can consider this as part of a prenatal multivitamin routine.

Pregnant women are told to take omega 3s for their baby’s healthy brain development, but there’s no indication on the website that says pregnant women can take this.

What should you look for in a vegan multivitamin?

In my opinion, there are at least four things to look for in a vegan supplement.

  1. The actual “Vegan” certification. The reason you went vegan is to focus on plant-based diets. Naturally, you would want supplements that carry the “vegan” logo or guarantee. This may come in various ways, but ultimately it should say something like “suitable for vegans.” Do note that “suitable for vegetarians” and “suitable for vegans” are different, and strict vegans should look for the latter.
  2. The vitamins and minerals in the formula. You want to be on the lookout for vitamin B12, vitamin D, and omega 3 fatty acids. For women, they may want to include higher amounts of iron or folic acid for their red blood cells.
  3. The sources of nutrients. Knowing where the nutrients come from is critical for vegans, especially when it comes to protein. Plant protein sources include hemp, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats, and Whole food multivitamin brands will also tell you where they get their vitamins and minerals from.
  4. If it is caffeinated. Some supplements do offer stimulants, especially caffeine. Now, depending on your preferences and current health status, you may or may not want caffeine or any presence of stimulants in your vegan supplement. Some do offer “cleaner” sources of energy (such as yerba mate or gotu kola), but at the end of the day, they are still stimulants that can be bad for your sleep routine.

After those three, then it’s the usual “who made it” and “allergens” inspection as you would for typical supplements. Most brands also offer discounts for bulk orders, ranging from three months to half a year’s supply.

Do athletes on a vegan diet need vegan multivitamins?

Unlike simple fitness enthusiasts and your everyday gym goer, athletes demand much higher intakes of just about every nutrient. After all, their training demands 100% of their energy, focus, and strength, so it’s only natural for an athlete to actually require supplements to replenish nutrient stores. It’s a bit more difficult for vegan athletes.

Just like vegans, vegan athletes have stricter dietary requirements. This means they can’t just buy any other protein supplement or take any vegan multivitamin, and this can definitely make their training harder than it’s supposed to be.

Vegans in particular often have problems with getting enough vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids, two nutrients that can almost be exclusively sourced from animal-based food products.

As I’ve listed, there are plenty of high quality vegan multivitamins and vegan protein supplements that not only fill nutritional gaps in vegans, but also help vegan athletes be on equal footing against their non-vegan counterparts.

My summary and takeaway

Everyone needs their daily dose of vitamins and minerals. On top of vitamins and minerals, we also need specific key nutrients that improve our health and everyday lives.

Most can make do with a healthy balanced diet or a whole foods-only lifestyle.

However, some of us prefer a certain way of living and for a few people, going completely vegan is their choice.

As it goes, vegans have limited options.

This means even their sources of vitamins and minerals are also limited. This is why I think vegans especially need to take supplements that cater to their needs.

If you’re a vegan, and you want to optimize your health, choosing any of the vegan supplements I recommended will not just fill gaps in nutrition, but also optimize the way you live a plant-based lifestyle.

Whether for sports, training, boosting immunity, or just to have a normal functioning system, the vegan supplement industry has everything specifically formulated for your vegan needs.


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Vegan supplements FAQs

What is the best multivitamin for a vegan?

The best multivitamin for a vegan depends on your needs. If you’re in need to fill nutritional gaps, you would do best in choosing a brand that has those specific nutrients in high dosages. If you’re pregnant or expecting, you would go for brands that have higher doses of omega 3 and folic acid.
If your diet is sufficient, a good multivitamin would be brands that have other ingredients on top of the standard alphabet of nutrients. Ideally, you’d want something that has digestive enzymes, fibre from leafy vegetables, and brands that help promote normal function.

Which brand of multivitamin and mineral supplement is the best?

Currently, any of the brands I’ve listed should help any vegan reach their goals, whether something as casual as daily maintenance all the way to muscle growth and recovery.
If I were to have a personal pick, it would be The Protein Works Vegan Multivitamin Supplement Gummies, if only because it comes in a gummy format. I like the idea of taking what tastes like a snack, but really is something good for my body.

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