Zotrim Weight Loss Pills Review

Marketed heavily as a clinically proven appetite suppressant, Zotrim Weight Loss Pills aren’t entirely inaccurate with this description. Zotrim is a natural weight loss pill that focuses on its appetite suppressant ingredients to help you lose weight by reducing food cravings and meal portions, helping push diets into a calorie deficit zone and hopefully taking the stress out of dieting.

Though Zotrim lacks the most effective appetite suppressant ingredients included in other weight loss pills, Zotrim should achieve this for some of us. This sounds fantastic, but how does Zotrim achieve this? Caffeine. You read that right, this complex herb extract formulation contains a single active ingredient, and it’s not really as stupid as it sounds.

Caffeine is a potent stimulant and is normally something we’ll get excited about, though only as a supplementary inclusion to far more effective ingredients. Let’s take its use as an appetite suppressant, is there any ingredients that are far more effective at this?

Well yes, Glucomannan is far more effective as an appetite suppressant. How about its thermogenic effects? Well yes, cayenne pepper extract is far more effective at activating thermogenesis.

See what we mean? It’s great but there’s just better stuff out there, and it’s for this reason that instead our recommendation goes to Hourglass Fit. Hourglass Fit contains both glucomannan and Cayenne Pepper Extract as well as many more vital weight loss ingredients that will better help you on your weight loss journey.

Zotrim Weight Loss Pills at a Glance

Zotrim Weight Loss Pills




  • No side effects reported
  • May promote healthy weight loss


  • Low dosed

Customers Zotrim Weight Loss Pills Reviews

Now as usual we should preface this section by explaining how commonplace fake positive reviews are. It’s just a part of the industry, so we should take the 3.7 out of 5 score Zotrim boasts on Amazon.

Taking a closer look, the most common complaint people have is actually in how you take Zotrim, which is to take three of the pills before every meal, three times a day. It’s understandable some might find this laborious and tedious. Others complained that despite taking Zotrim as recommended, they found it to have little effect on snacking, food cravings and portion sizes.

Zotrim Weight Loss Pills Ingredients

Guarana Seed Extract 95mg

You may recognise Guarana seed extract for the side of your favourite energy drinks, and there’s good reason for it’s inclusion: It’s absolutely loaded with caffeine. In fact Guarana seed extract contains more caffeine than even coffee, though I wouldn’t recommend trying to brew it at home. If you’ve taken diet pills before then you’ll know caffeine is a common ingredient, and that’s because it has numerous positive effects for weight loss. This includes appetite suppressing effects helping to reduce cravings, increased focus and mood which may be lacking when in a calorie deficit, and it even helps to stimulate your metabolism through thermogenic effects.

This is all fantastic but to bring things back to earth for a minute, why not just include caffeine? It’s a bit of smoke and mirrors as Caffeine may have less appeal to someone just starting to look at weight loss supplements, and it seems the goal here is to hope people read it and think it sounds more official and scientific that they’ve included this mysterious ingredient rather than boring old coffee. The truth is, Guarana seed extract is unfortunately associated more so with lesser quality diet pills and though its inclusion itself is welcomed, the fact this was chosen over just upping the caffeine content is a bit of a red flag and sets a precedent that unfortunately continues: Zotrim looks like it will do a lot, but falls apart when under scrutiny.

Damiana leaf extract 36mg

Native to Central America, Damiana leaf extract is mainly used to reduce anxiety. It may seem a bit of a strange inclusion but from the increased blood flow that caffeine intake can cause, it’s actually nice to see a way to help calm the nerves of those taking zotrim who might struggle with anxiety in their day to day. The use we’ve described here is as it’s been used as a herbal supplement, and unfortunately there’s very little clinical data to actually support this use, so we’re left scratching our heads as to why they didn’t opt for Ashwagandha instead, which is clinically proven to help calm stress and anxiety. As much as our compassionate side appreciates the thought behind this one, it’s inclusion is ultimately questionable and this is where things start taking a turn for the worst with this Zotrim review.

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract 112mg

Once again here we have another extract containing caffeine, that isn’t strictly caffeine. Oh, do the smoke and mirrors reveal themselves to a watchful eye. There are further problems that present themselves here too, as we take a look at the dosage and finding things are… rather lacking. Clinical tests have found this to be somewhat effective, just as the caffeine residing inside would have been, and can seemingly help you lose weight faster than a typical diet alone. The effective dose found the achieve these results? Just a measly 10 times what we find in Zotrim. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, starting at around 1000mg Yerba mate leal has been clinically proven to help you lose weight. We would like that take this opportunity to please ask you all not to dose Zotrim above the recommended amount as the caffeine content present would likely cause serious physical distress to your body, just take the Yerba mate leaf loss, or instead simply purchase our recommended brand instead.

Caffeine 13.8mg

The apple of my eye, you can thank caffeine for this article you’re reading today. Over 80% of us Americans drink coffee to start our day, and where would we be without that stimulant content to kickstart our day? Well without the improved focus and reduced feelings of fatigue we’d most likely be struggling, but it’s not just the day that caffeine kickstarts, as through Thermogenesis caffeine kickstarts our metabolism too, increasing the amount of calories burned when resting. Now this is a clinically proven ingredient for a dietary supplement, and we know it’s effective dosage is 3-6mg per kg of body weight. This would put the effective dose at anywhere between 200-500mg which as you can see we’re not even touching. Even with yerba mate leaf and Guarana seed extract, we’re not on the money for our caffeine content. It just goes to show how focusing too much on marketability harms the quality of a product, as this is basically a caffeine pill, but still ineffectively dosed. Padding out the ingredients like this has left us frankly disappointed, and as much as we can understand they can’t really market this as easily as a weight loss supplement if it just contained enough caffeine, we can’t really abide this. Why would you make an inferior weight loss supplement simply for marketability? It’s unfortunately common in this industry, which is why there’s people like us to review and explain what’s cooking under the hood.

Vitamins b3 and b6 (2.9mg and 0.4mg)

These are typical inclusions for weight loss supplements and it’s always a welcome inclusion as well. Weight gain, weight loss and overall weight management all come from the same place; calorie intake. It’s common knowledge but just incase someone isn’t aware, the real secret to weight loss is to simply consume fewer calories than we use, forcing our body to instead use up the fat cells that are stored as our fuel reserve, making up for the lack of energy intake.

Unfortunately vitamins and minerals can’t really help you lose weight faster, but with fewer calories comes lower energy levels. That’s where these vitamins and minerals can come in and offer a helping hand, as vitamin B3 and B6 help our cells to absorb and use energy much more efficiently, counteracting fatigue and tiredness that comes from operating in a calorie intake deficit.

Like a bad running gag on a sitcom, we’re unfortunately once again confronted with dosage problems. Vitamin B3 is sitting at 2.9mg where it’s recommended that we have 14 to 16mg per day and vitamin B 6 suffers the same fate, as it’s dosed at 0.4mg where what we’re really looking for is 1.5 to 1.7mg. It’s fair to point out that of course there vitamins and minerals are plentiful in many foods and it’s common for the majority of us to reach out recommended daily intake without even thinking about it, but their low dosage here rules out vegans and vegetarians as B vitamins are most commonly plentiful in meats.


So that’s all, folks. Overall a somewhat effective dietary supplement but there’s much, much more effective pills that can help with the weight loss process. Where Zotrim attempts to focus in on one active ingredient may not sound like a terrible idea, it severely limits its potential in helping to promote weight loss. On top of that, caffeine is just a bad choice as it’s so plentiful and is already a major part of the majority of peoples lives. There’s just very little reason to go out and spend your money on a dietary supplement that improves weight loss little more than a cup of coffee, and that’s why we instead recommend you check out Hourglass Fit.

Now Hourglass fit may lack the caffeine content of Zotrim, but it contains both Glucomannan and Cayenne Pepper, which as we established have the exact same effects on weight loss but are far more potent. Hourglass Fit also contains 5-HTP, which our body converts into serotonin helping to combat food cravings and improve mood and energy levels. It seems it’s impact on your weight loss journey will be far greater, and hey, if you really miss the caffeine that much, it’s not like there’s a plentiful source of caffeine that you can conveniently brew and drink, is there?
… Except for coffee, of course.

Zotrim Weight Loss Pills FAQ

Is Zotrim a safe weight loss pill?

Given the natural ingredients present, Zotrim will be safe for the vast majority of us. Considerations should be made for those of us with caffeine sensitivity as caffeine is essentially the only thing on the menu here. We do recommend discussing with a medical professional if you have any reservations before taking the Zotrim Weight loss supplement, and recommend you discontinue use if any adverse effects begin to present.

Where can I purchase Zotrim?

Zotrim can be purchased directly via https://zotrim.com/en/

Zotrim is also available for purchase via many only vendors, including amazon.

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