Brain Pill Review

Brain Pill Brain Enhancement Complex is a nootropic supplement designed to improve mental performance and give you an “unfair advantage” in life. Brain Pill claim their cognitive enhancer greatly improves concentration, focus, memory, and mood.

Does Brain Pill work like it says though? After closer analysis, it’s clear the Brain Pill effects are nowhere near as impressive as they’d have you believe. In our Brain Pill review, we’ll show you exactly why that is.

Brain Pill’s ingredients are quite standard for a nootropic supplement. It contains vitamin b6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, cognizin, vitamin b12, synapsa, l-tyrosine, l-theanine, huperzia serrata extract, phosphatidylserine, ginkgo biloba, DHA, and vinpocetine.

Unfortunately, the list looks good but there are a few problems. Firstly, most of the ingredients proven to improve mental performance are present in doses far below what’s required, while others are too strong and put you at risk of side effects.

Then there’s plenty of others that are promising but still aren’t proven to boost mental performance. That means you put yourself at risk of side effects while there’s no proof Brain Pill works to boost your cognitive ability,

All this is then compounded by a higher price than Brain Pill alternatives proven to work, like Hunter Focus. A nootropic supplement proven to benefit mental health, full of effective ingredients and doses, and that saves you money, it’s superior to Brain Pill in every way.

BrainPill at a glance

Brain Pill Packaging


  • Contains a number of brain supplements proven by clinical research


  • All the proven ingredients are present in doses that are far too small
  • Contains a number of ingredients that aren’t proven to benefit cognitive performance
  • Some of the doses put you at risk of side effects
  • More expensive than similar products

BrainPill ingredients


Vitamin B6 – 5 mg

Vitamin B6 is vital for producing 140 different coenzyme reactions in your body. Put in brain health supplements for its ability to boost biosynthesis of neurotransmitters and protect brain cells, it also enhances your metabolism, testosterone levels, and overall health (1).

The problem is, vitamin b6 is only safe to use when taken in doses of 1.5 mg or less each day.

As Brain Pill has far more than this at 5 mg per serving, it puts you at risk of side effects like involuntary muscle contractions, heartburn, nausea, numbness, photosensitivity, skin lesions, and a lack of feeling in your extremities.

Folic Acid – 400 mcg

Folic acid (vitamin b9) is required for the human body to produce DNA and RNA, while also being useful for the metabolism of amino acids and nutrients. It’s added to brain supplements as studies show it can prevent and treat memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia (2).

Other benefits of folic acid include promoting bodily tissue growth and repair, preventing anaemia and red blood cell issues, boosting testosterone levels, and improving sexual health.

With 400 mcg of folic acid in Brain Pill, side effects are a real concern though, as 200 to 240 mcg is deemed the maximum safe intake (3). Doubling this amount puts you at great risk.

Vitamin B12 – 50 mcg

Vitamin b12 is essential for the development of brain cells and the function of nerves, while also being beneficial for preventing brain fog, depression, mood swings, and the development of conditions like vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It also helps to produce red blood cells, DNA, nerve sheaths, testosterone, and bone marrow, while increasing your metabolism. The problem is, to experience these effects, you must consume 1,000 mcg of vitamin b12 each day (4).

With Brain Pill containing just 50 mcg of vitamin b12 per serving, you’re highly unlikely to see any benefits from its inclusion.

Pantothenic Acid – 30 mg

Pantothenic acid (vitamin b5) is a water soluble vitamin and essential mineral that’s added to mental performance pills to boost cognitive energy, memory, healthy brain function, and acetylcholine neurotransmitter production, while regulating the autonomic nervous system (5).

It’s also beneficial for promoting a healthy metabolism, yet the recommended daily intake of pantothenic acid is just 5 mg. Brain Pill has 6 times that at 30 mg per serving, so is simply too strong and puts you at risk of experiencing side effects.

Cognizin – 250 mg

Cognizin is a patented version of citicoline, which is a variant of the amino acid choline. It offers benefits including boosting neurotransmitter production, mental performance, and energy, and reducing cholesterol levels, cognitive decline, and the degradation of brain cells (6).

This means it improves your long term mental health when doses between 500 and 2,000 mg are consumed each day. Unfortunately, with Brain Pill containing just 250 mg of Cognizin per serving, it’s simply too weak to have any real effect.

Synapsa – 320 mg

Synapsa is a patented version of bacopa, an aquatic leaf extract popular in traditional medicine due to claims it improves brain function, reduces stress and anxiety, and combats certain physical and mental health issues.

It’s important to note though, that while studies of its effect on cognitive functions are positive, they’re still in their infancy, and far more evidence is required before the results are conclusive (7).

L-Tyrosine – 175 mg

The amino acid l-tyrosine regulates the neurotransmitters in the plasma, with optimal levels required to ensure healthy levels of brain function, focus, and mood, and prevent mental fatigue, stress, and tiredness (8).

For l-tyrosine to have any effect on your cognitive abilities, 500 to 2,000 mg must be taken per day(9). As Brain Pill contains only 175 mg of l-tyrosine, its inclusion is virtually worthless and unlikely to offer any benefits.

Phosphatidylserine – 100 mg

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance essential for optimal cognitive functions. It offers benefits like improving memory, preventing cognitive decline, boosting brain functions, and reducing stress.

Most studies show these increases in brain performance are only seen in the elderly though, while others suggest most people get enough in their diet to make supplementation unnecessary.

Even if you choose to use a phosphatidylserine supplement though, the 100 mg obtained by taking Brain Pill is far below the recommended 300 mg (10).

Ginkgo Biloba Extract – 100 mg

Ginkgo biloba is a leaf extract commonly used to promote brain health, vision, and circulation.

However, positive effects on cognitive abilities has only ever been proven in older people. Even then, the minimum dose of 120 mg a day required to see results is above the 100 mg Brain Pill contains, so it’s unlikely to be of use (11).

DHA Complex – 100 mg

DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid commonly found in fish oil supplements that can supposedly improve brain performance.

However, while it seems to relieve depression and anxiety in people with mild cognitive impairment, there’s no evidence it improves cognitive functioning in most adults (12).

L-Theanine – 100 mg

The amino acid l-theanine is vital for overall brain health as it can increase brain power, focus, sleep quality, and relaxation, while relieving stress and anxiety and boosting your health and immune system (13).

To see these benefits though, 100 to 200 mg of l-theanine must be consumed each day (14). While the 100 mg present in each serving of Brain Pill is within this range, it’s at the very bottom, so it is still unlikely to produce great results.

Huperzia Serrata Extract – 5 mg

Huperzia serrata is a firmoss some studies say prevents the breakdown of neurotransmitters, cognitive decline, and the development of Alzheimer’s disease, while improving memory, brain function, and sleep (15).

Studies are still in their early stages though, so there is no proof its inclusion will benefit your cognitive abilities.

Vinpocetine – 5 mg

Vinpocetine is an extract of the periwinkle plant that’s claimed to support cognitive processes, prevent memory loss and the damage caused to the brain by aging and harmful free radicals, and increase blood circulation.

Unfortunately, most of these claims require further study before they’re deemed conclusive. Meanwhile, those that are proven require 15 to 60 mg of vinpocetine to be consumed each day, which is far beyond the 5 mg Brain Pill contains (16).

Brain Pill Customer Reviews

Brain Pill customer reviews are fairly middling, with it having a rating around 3.5 out of 5. The general consensus is that Brain Pill can boost your cognitive performance at first, but the low doses mean the effects will wear off quickly as your body gets acclimatised to the ingredients.

My verdict on BrainPill

In conclusion, Brain Pill is a mild cognitive enhancer but one that is only going to boost brain performance for a very short period of time. The low doses and unproven ingredients unfortunately mean it will very quickly be producing no noticeable effects.

Given the high price when compared to the alternatives, there’s simply no reason to buy Brain Pill, and you should instead go for a proven cognitive function enhancer, like Hunter Focus.

Hunter Focus optimizes brain performance, uses ideal doses of effective ingredients, and won’t see its effects taper off, all while actually saving you money, making it the better choice in every way.

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