Meal Replacement Comparison

Meal Replacement Comparison

I have compared the main meal replacements available in the UK with more to come. There is a mixture of the 400 calorie, high carb, high protein alongside the c.200 calorie weight loss and lighter meal replacements.

What are Meal Replacements





of which is Sugars



Serving Size


Cost / Serving

Rootana Review


400 Cals

20g Protein

42g Carbs

12g Sugar

6.7g Fibre

15g Fat

95g Serving Size

14 Servings

£2.14 per Meal

Instant Knockout Complete Meal Replacement UK

IKO Complete

400 Cals

35g Protein

35g Carbs

3g Sugar

13g Fibre

13g Fat

100g Serving Size

14 Servings

£2.50 per Meal

Eve Biology Featured

Eve Biology

209 Cals

25.4g Protein

12.2g Carbs

5.2g Sugar

5.3g Fibre

5.3g Fat

55g Serving Size

15 Servings

£3.93 per Meal

PhenQ Meal Shake Review


254 Cals

15g Protein

4.98g Carbs

2.4g Sugar

0g Fibre

16g Fat

50g Serving Size

7 Servings

£2.71 per Meal

Purition Featured


194 Cals

16g Protein

3.2g Carbs

1.1g Sugar

6g Fibre

12g Fat

40g Serving Size

12 Servings

£2.08 per Meal

Which is the best meal replacement for me?

I have provided the main comparison for you to decide which is or are the best meal replacements for you.

More about meal replacements

If you would like to know more about meal replacements, choose one of my handy guides below.

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