Bulk Elevate Pre Workout Review UK

Bulk Elevate Pre Workout is designed by Bulk Powders and they claim it’s the best pre workout money can buy and has been designed to give you the ultimate pre workout boost. Unfortunately, closer analysis reveals these claims are untrue.

The active ingredients in the Bulk Powders pre workout supplement are Vitargo, citrulline malate, arginine alpha ketoglutarate, beta alanine, trimethylglycine, taurine, glucuronolactone, l-tyrosine, caffeine, vitamin b6, and BioPerine black pepper extract.

Lots of its ingredients are indeed effective and found in top pre workout formulas. The problem lies in the dosages. With every proven ingredient present in dose that are either ineffective or in-optimal, Bulk Elevate Pre Workout can’t deliver the results Bulk Powders claim.

They’re then surrounded by ingredients that don’t work or have enough research on them to prove they can be useful. Throw in complaints about the taste and mixability, and Bulk Elevate Pre Workout has all the earmarks of cheap pre workout supplements that offer the world but deliver very little.

That’s why I suggest saving your money and spending it on the best pre workout supplements around, like BlackWolf or 4Guage.

Bulk Elevate pre workout at a glance

bulk pro elevate pre workout


  • Quality formula
  • Cheap
  • Caffeine-free option


  • Doesn’t Taste Very Good
  • Not The Best Dosages

Bulk Elevate pre workout ingredients

Let’s go check out its formula:

Vitargo – 10 Grams

Vitargo is a patented form of waxy maize starch, a simple carb often used in bodybuilding supplements. Waxy maize starch is said to replenish your muscle glycogen stores faster than other simple carbs, while not spiking your blood sugar.

However, while studies on it are limited, the results of those that have been conducted show something different. It indeed replenishes your glycogen stores as effectively as dextrose (although it’s no better) over a 24 hour period and won’t spike your blood sugar as much.

The problem is, it works much slower than dextrose, making it less effective at first. This is far from ideal in a pre workout supplement designed to boost your energy before training sessions, like Bulk Elevate Pre Workout (1).

Citrulline Malate – 5 Grams

Citrulline malate is a combination of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid.

Citrulline is converted into l-arginine in the kidneys, which encourages the body’s natural synthesis of nitric oxide. This helps improve endurance capacity, physical performance, and focus during workouts, while even boosts heart health and prevents erectile dysfunction.

Malic acid improves ATP production, making it ideal for enhancing power in short, explosive movements.

However, these effects on exercise performance are only produced when taking 6 to 8 grams of citrulline malate before a workout (2). As Bulk Elevate Pre Workout only contains 5 grams per serving, it simply won’t produce the desired effect.

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) – 4 Grams

Arginine alpha ketoglutarate is a compound featuring arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid.

Arginine is one of the primary amino acids involved in protein building and, as we saw above, improves nitric oxide production and heart health, and even helps remove toxins from the body.

While studies suggest adding alpha-ketoglutaric acid to arginine makes it more effective, there’s no proof of this.

Even if it did though, the optimal dose of arginine alpha ketoglutarate is 6 grams, meaning the 4 grams in servings of the Bulk Elevate Pre Workout pre workout won’t be very effective (3).

Beta Alanine – 3.5 Grams

Beta alanine is an amino acid frequently included in pre workouts as causes the tingling sensation these supplements are known for.

It also turns into carnosine when it reaches the muscle cells. This disperses the lactic acid that build ups while working out, preventing fatigue and promoting muscular endurance.

Other beta alanine benefits include optimising the body’s intramuscular functions to enhance physical and mental performance, and increasing metabolism to enable you to burn fat and produce energy more efficiently.

However, for optimal effects to occur, 6.4 grams of beta alanine must be consumed daily. As  Bulk Elevate Pre Workout has only 3.5 grams a serving, the effects it produces will be minimal (4).

Trimethylglycine – 2.5 Grams

Trimethylglycine, also called betaine, contains the amino acid glycine and three methyl groups. A metabolite of choline and a methyl donor, it promotes cellular reproduction and endurance and improves the metabolism of amino acids, boosting exercise performance.

It’s even believed to help keep the digestive system and liver healthy, although it can also increase bad LDL cholesterol levels if too much is consumed.

The problem is, you need to take at least 3 grams of trimethylglycine each day if you want it to aid your workout performance. As the Bulk Elevate Pre Workout supplement has just 2.5 grams a serving, it simply won’t do this to an effective level (5).

Taurine – 2.5 Grams

Taurine is an amino acid that’s vital for the optimal health and function of the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, and skeletal muscles, and regulates cholesterol levels. It’s found in many commercial energy drinks and pre workout supplements as it boosts energy levels and accelerates fat burning.

Unfortunately, it only produces these effects when you consume at least 3 grams per day. As Bulk Elevate Pre Workout has just 2.5 grams of taurine per serving, it simply isn’t strong enough to be useful (6).

Glucuronolactone – 500 MG

Glucuronolactone is a chemical commonly found in commercial energy drinks and energy supplements as it’s said to give you an energy boost. However, with little research done on it, there’s almost no evidence supporting these claims (7).

L-Tyrosine – 400 MG

L-tyrosine is an amino acid that regulates the neurotransmitter production and is vital for keeping your brain healthy and functioning. It enhances your mood and focus and prevents stress, tiredness, and mental fatigue.

These benefits can only be enjoyed when you take 500 to 2,000 mg of l-tyrosine daily though (8). As Bulk Elevate Pre Workout contains just 400 mg, it’s unlikely to have any effect.

Caffeine – 200 MG

Caffeine is a potent stimulant that’s among the most popular on Earth. It’s well known to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue, which makes your workouts more effective.

It also increases your thermogenic and metabolic rates, meaning you’ll make better use of any nutrients you consume, fuelling your muscles more effectively and helping them grow, while also accelerating fat burn (9).

The issue here though, is the caffeine content in Bulk Elevate Pre Workout is just 200 mg per serving. While this is enough to provide a moderate energy boost to new users, people who are used to caffeine will find it too weak to produce any real effect.

Vitamin B6 – 5 MG

Vitamin b6 consists of 6 different compounds that effect over 140 coenzyme reactions in the human body.

It enhances neurotransmitter biosynthesis to keep the brain functioning and healthy, and boosts your focus, immune system, metabolism, and testosterone levels, all of which are beneficial for improving weight loss and exercise performance (10).

The problem is, the maximum safe daily dosage of vitamin b6 is 1.5 mg. As Bulk Elevate Pre Workout contains more than three times this at 5 mg, it’s too strong and puts you at great risk of side effects.

BioPerine – 5 MG

BioPerine is a patented black pepper extract that’s put in pre workout supplements and fat burners as it stimulates thermogenesis, which will accelerate fat loss. It is also useful as it’s a bioavailability enhancer, meaning it makes all the other ingredients easier to absorb.

However, it only does these things when you consume at least 20 mg each day. As Bulk Elevate Pre Workout contains just 5 mg of BioPerine per serving, it won’t produce the benefits you desire (11).

Other Ingredients

Bulk Elevate Pre Workout supplement also features a range of other things not listed as active ingredients, which includes the anti caking agent silicone dioxide, sunflower lecithin, citric acid, beta carotene, beetroot, grape skin extract, sucralose, and flavourings.

These aren’t included to improve the effect of the pre workout, and are only used to enhance its taste, texture, and appearance.

However, some can have a negative effect on your health, such as sucralose, which can reduce healthy gut bacteria and cause inflammation, diabetes, and obesity (12).

Bulk Elevate Pre Workout Customer Reviews:

How Do Users Rate The Bulk Powders Product?

The Bulk Powders pre workout supplement Bulk Elevate Pre Workout holds a respectable looking 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. However, when you look closer, the positive reviews focus on the price and its ability to slightly delay fatigue and increase your endurance.

Not only is there little mention of it actually boosting energy, but there are also a number of complaints about it, such as poor taste and mixability, no “pumped up” feeling, and an unpleasant crash after use.

This seems to confirm our suspicions that it’s a cheap product that doesn’t have enough potency to deliver on its claims.

Final Thoughts On The Bulk Elevate Pre Workout:

How Does It Compare To Other Pre Workout Supplements?

Bulk Elevate Pre Workout looks good on the surface, but it’s one of those sports supplements that offers far more than it can deliver. From low dosages and unproven ingredients to poor taste and mixability, it just isn’t a good pre workout and you shouldn’t waste your money on it.

We instead suggest you try BlackWolf. The best pre workout supplement around, all its active ingredients are lab tested and used in optimal levels, to give serious trainers a great boost in energy and help them achieve their fitness goals and not feel tired.