Longevity Stack Supergreens Review

Longevity Stack Supergreens is one of my personal favourite supplements to take right now. Its blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients really come together to create a mix which feels like an all around health boost.

longevity stack supergreens mixedThis greens blends main selling point is that it is much better for your gut than others; this is something that I completely agree with. Ihave found that some greens powders can be a little harsh on the stomach thankfully, that is not an issue that I have come across whilst using Longevity Stack Supergreens.

Can it do what it claims? Read my Longevity Stack Supergreens review to find out if this is one of the best super greens powders available!

Longevity Stack Supergreens at a Glance

Longevity Stack Supergreens


  • Over 100 different ingredients
  • Kind on the gut
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • 3rd party lab tested for purity
  • Reduces bloating


  • Doesn’t have a full ingredients breakdown
  • Sometimes doesn’t blend well

Longevity Stack Supergreens Ingredients

Longevity Stack Supergreens contains over 100 different ingredients, all specifically chosen to work perfectly together and give a nice energy boost without the need for added stimulants. There are so many ingredients, It is difficult to pick them out individually. There are five main blends: the main vitamin blend; the superfood complex; antioxidants; enzyme and mushroom complex and probiotics with amino acids.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals

They have a hefty blend of vitamins and minerals, many of which were due to the natural vitamins and minerals content of some of Longevity Stack Supergreens’ ingredients. Some of the more notable ones are Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K, key nutrients known to heavily benefit immunity.

Lions Mane Mushroom

Digestive enzyme and super mushroom comlpex

This is one of the smaller blends included in the powder, however it think this is what sets it apart from the other supergreens powders. As the name implies, this blend has a mix of different species of mushroom. It also contains digestive enzymes which are what makes this powder much kinder on the stomach than other supergreens powders.


Alkaline, Nutrient-Dense Raw superfood complex

This blend is made of many different vegetables and plant powders, notably: Chlorella, Spirulina, Broccoli, Barley and Apple. Although Longevity stack chooses not to include individual dosages for their over 100 ingredients, they tell us that oner one third of the total scoop is made of the supergreens blend.

Dairy free probiotics, Amino acids

This blend contains dairy free probiotics and amino acids. The amino acids are great for muscle health. They will reduce muscle soreness and tiredness. The probiotics will improve gut health.

Adaptogens are herb extracts

Nutrient dense extracts, herbs and antioxidants

This blend contains a multitude of different herbs notably Ashwagandha which is proven to have many health benefits including an increase of energy and better sleep. Also Curcumin and a blend of different antioxidants to detox the body

Green tea extract

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract offers a range of benefits, including antioxidant properties that combat cell damage, potential weight management support, improved brain function, and enhanced cardiovascular health.

Longevity Stack Supergreens Supplement facts

As you can see, the list of ingredients is considerable compared to other greens powders, with quality doses .

However, unlike others such as SuperGreen TONIK, the blends don’t have the amounts of each ingredient only the amount of the blend. Whilst the blends are unique to Longevity Stack Supergreens, I think it would have been more transparent for customers to see exactly what is in each blend.

Longevity Stack Supergreens Supplement Facts
Longevity Stack Supergreens in Hand

The Longevity Box website has a range of products, the newest is the SuperGreens. It’s strap-line is…

Feel your best today. Fuel your tomorrow.

Who is Longevity Stack Supergreens for?

Longevity Stack Supergreens are for anyone who is looking to add supergreens to their diet or someone who is looking to get a better mix of nutrients in their diet. Personally I would recommend theses greens for anyone who is looking to improve their nutrition specifically anyone who is going to the gym on a regular basis as the amino acids are good for muscle recovery.

I would also recommend this for anyone who is looking for a natural energy boost, whilst I do enjoy coffee I also like the natural energy boost as I find it lasts all day and doesn’t leave you feeling out of energy halfway through the day.

How to take

Longevity stack says on their website that you can take it anytime of the day, with water, milk or in a smoothie. Personally I like to have mine in a small glass of water in the morning with breakfast, it honestly is the best way to start your day and it will leave you energised all day.

How does it taste?

I have tries many greens powders and whilst Longevity Stack Supergreens doesn’t have the best taste I think it definitely makes up for it in other areas. When I first tried it I would say it tastes how you would expect it to it does have a very natural ‘planty’ taste. It doesn’t contain one overbearing flavour like Supergreen TONIK has a noticeable minty flavour. This makes it ideal for a smoothie since you will have a much higher choice of flavours when you make it

Longevity Stack Supergreens Mixed

Benefits of taking Longevity Stack Supergreens

  • Higher energy levels throughout the day
  • Good for focus and stress
  • Can improve immunity
  • High potency antioxidants
  • Helps to reduce bloating

Are there any side effects?

Personally, I have not noticed any major side effects from this blend, some supergreens can be quite harsh on the stomach, this is not something I have not seen with these supergreens. However, as with any supplement, it is important to be cautious with your dosage and to watch out for any negative side effects which could occur.

Where to buy Longevity Stack Supergreens

Longevity Stack Supergreens are available from their official website.

Buying direct from the manufacturer gives you peace of mind with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Longevity stack provides a ‘subscribe and save’ offer which gives a 15% discount on an order which is delivered every 30 days

How much is longevity stack supergreens

My Verdict on Longevity Stack Supergreens

Longevity Stack Supergreens are a perfect blend of different minerals and vitamins which give an amazing energy boost, they work well for anyone looking for a better diet and better general nutrition.

I think this is one of the most universal greens powders since it doesn’t have a very distinct taste and it is kind on the gut which means it is perfect for people who have never tried supplements before. I would honestly recommend this to most people who are looking for a greens powder.

Longevity Stack Supergreens FAQs

Are Longevity Stack Supergreens safe

I would say Longevity Stack Supergreens are safer then most since they are musch kinder on the stomach than some other blends. Other than that, there are no ingredieatns that could potentially cause issues for anyone, furthermore they have no additives or fillers.

Are Longevity Stack Supergreens suitable for everyone?

Supergreens are generally considered safe for consumption by most people. However, if you have specific health conditions or allergies, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before adding supergreens to your diet. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding women should exercise caution and consult with their healthcare provider.

Can supergreens replace a balanced diet?

While supergreens offer an array of beneficial nutrients, they should not be viewed as a complete replacement for a balanced diet. It is important to consume a variety of foods from different food groups to ensure you’re getting a wide range of nutrients necessary for optimal health. Supergreens can be a valuable addition to a well-rounded diet and healthy lifestyle.