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Is Leanbean a fat burner aimed specifically just at women? Well, venture into any supplement or sports shop, and you’ll find no end of weight loss or fat burning products with hyper-masculine titles. Maxxx-Shred, Tiger Juice, and other supplement names cater to a certain demographic…

And if you’re a woman, you might look at those supplements pretty apprehensively. And to be honest, you should. You don’t want to get jacked, ripped, or strung out on supplements designed for men’s bodies.

Even if you know that the formula in those supplements could help you achieve your fitness goals and burn fat in problem areas, those brands and names don’t exactly inspire you to look at the ingredients much less take the supplement.

Leanbean recognised this gaping hole in the fitness market that leaves women out. So, the company created a product that sounds a lot less related to ‘roid rage. As we show in the Leanbean review, it is a vegan-friendly fat burner featuring natural ingredients. It’s low in stimulants and high in ingredients that support craving control, but more importantly, it’s formulated just for women.

Are you ready to finally get rid of that stubborn fat and feel and look your best? Could Leanbean be your ticket to finding your best summer body? Keep reading our review to find out.

Leanbean at a glance

Lean Bean


  • Formulated specifically for women
  • Can help to prevent cravings
  • Vegetarian friendly ingredients
  • Helps to promote stable metabolism
  • Money back guarantee


  • No calories specified on label
  • Pricey compared to others


Pros and Cons of Leanbean

So, what makes Leanbean different? And what are the pros and cons to choosing Leanbean?

The good news is that Leanbean offers more pros than cons. It’s not packed full of stimulants or other ingredients that can leave you feeling strung out. What’s more, it speaks to women’s bodies and women’s reasons for turning to food.

Let’s dive in.

Pros of Leanbean

Formulated for Women

Fat is fat whether you’re a man or a woman, and both sexes burn fat using the same metabolic mechanisms. But the way we add fat as women differs from men.

Men will sit down and eat two giant plates full of food before complaining about feeling too full. Women tend to eat smaller meals and graze more throughout the day, which means there’s new temptations lurking around every corner. For many women, those temptations usually mean high-sugar foods, which directly contribute to bingo wings and muffin tops.

Leanbean’s formula acknowledges these differences between women and men, and it directly targets the way the average woman interacts with our daily calorie intake.

When you use Leanbean, you take one pill every time you eat, which means that you can eat smaller meals and avoid the temptation to snack and graze throughout the day. It also helps you manage cravings, so you can beat your sugar addiction without having to deal with the carb flu.

Prevents Cravings

Sugar cravings are our biggest enemy in the battle against body fat, but quitting sugar is really, really hard. If you’re a sugar addict, then quitting sends your body into withdrawal.

Going the Keto or Whole 30 route and eliminating sugar completely with no support puts your mind and your metabolism through the ringer. As soon as you quit, it doesn’t take long before your skinny jeans go back into the wardrobe because those weight loss methods aren’t sustainable for the average person unless you’re willing to give up a ‘cheeky wee’ anything (takeaway, Nando’s, bottle of wine, G&T or two) forever.

Leanbean’s ability to prevent cravings means you can eat well at meals without restricting yourself as you must do on diets like Keto and Whole 30. It controls your sugar cravings so that you can eat carbs, but you don’t feel the need to fill your plate with them. It also gets rid of the mentality that suggests you’re depriving yourself, which just makes life harder.

Cravings control is more sustainable long-term than trying to go cold turkey because you don’t have to battle the FOMO. You can have a glass of wine and the occasional takeaway without the guilt or without ordering out and then finding yourself knee-deep in empty containers an hour later because the cravings monster got the best of you.

Leanbean is gentle and uses natural ingredients, so you can use it as long as you need to achieve your goals. Then, you can quit without the fear of the Cookie Monster forcing you out of your new skinny jeans.

Low Stimulant Content

Appetite suppressants are famous for containing more stimulants than you want or need. Old school supplements and diet pills included a drug called phentermine, which is an amphetamine-like prescription medication. These drugs are approved for short-term use only, and very often, you need a prescription for them. Though, some U.S. retailers do offer them over-the-counter.

Prescription or not, they’re not well known for being a joy to use.

Leanbean’s low stimulant content sets it apart from so many other products because it doesn’t include any stimulants beyond coffee, green tea, and energy boosting ingredients like turmeric. You get enough to support your metabolism and give you a boost. And that’s it.


Finding vegetarian-friendly supplements is now easier than it once was, but Leanbean’s commitment to using only plant-based ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, cayenne peppers and raspberry ketones is something to appreciate.

Promotes Stable Metabolic Rate

Everyone wants a super-fast metabolism because it burns more calories at a faster rate. It’s why some thin people stay thin throughout their lives, no matter what they eat. Women have been taught to lust after a high metabolism, but the truth is that your metabolism is impacted by your genetic makeup and it probably plays a much smaller role in weight loss than you might think.

Any product that promises to send your metabolism into overdrive is not only a temporary fix but it could also sink your normal metabolism once you stop taking it. You want to avoid both products and diets that cause ‘metabolic damage’, which is also known as starvation mode.

Leanbean promotes a stable metabolism rather than trying to force your body to do something that it doesn’t offer naturally, which prevents you from doing damage to an essential bodily system without seeing any real effects on your target areas.

The bottom line: a stable metabolic rate helps you lose weight and keep it off.

Cons of Leanbean

Leanbean may not have maxed out its caffeine content, but the stimulant is still there in a pretty significant dose. If you notice any side effects, it will be a reaction to the green coffee and green tea, particularly if you are already sensitive to caffeine.

Otherwise, the only real con is Leanbean is unlikely to help you shred to the point where you can enter an IFBB Pro Bikini competition and have a shot at winning. But it’s worth remembering that kind of fat loss isn’t sustainable anyway. Most women only reach that point for a few days or a week at a time! So, it’s a disadvantage, but not for the average woman looking to burn a bit of stubborn fat.

Ingredients in Leanbean

Unlike other pills on the market, Leanbean’s ingredient list is full of recognisable plants and vitamins. Most of what you’ll find in the pill is something you’ll get in through food in a healthy diet, but you’ll find it here in a more concentrated and effective form.

Leanbean IngredientsLeanbean contains:

  • Konjac Fibre (3000mg)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Chloride
  • Zinc
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Turmeric Root
  • Acai Berry
  • Piperine
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • BioPerine

The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants support your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories overnight.

Caffeine (Green Coffee Bean Extract)

Most fat burners on the market include a mega-dose of caffeine. It’s one of the ingredients that remains constant over time. Some of you might remember the advent of caffeine pills in the 1980s and 90s.

Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate for a short period of time to increase your body’s ability to blast through fat. Eventually, your body becomes used to the caffeine dose and its impacts on your metabolism plateau. But even then, caffeine still works as an appetite suppressant, which either helps you avoid creating new fat or encourages your body to burn through reserves.

Leanbean contains green coffee, which not only provides caffeine but includes more antioxidants than roasted coffee.

Konjac Fibre

Konjac fibre is an herb grown in Asia and natural appetite suppressant. Konjac fibre is also called glucomannan, and it’s the root of the konjac plant. When you eat the root, it has the potential to expand by up to 50 times its size in your stomach. As it sits there, you feel fuller, which stops you from returning for seconds or grazing during the day.

A Leanbean dose contains 3g of konjac fibre, which is enough to help you get the calories you do need (to avoid starving you) but still keeps you feeling fuller faster than you otherwise might.

Other ingredients that help out the konjac fibre in its mission to stop you snack include cayenne pepper and raspberry ketones.

Chromium Picolinate

Most of your cravings aren’t reflective of your hunger or your nutritional needs. They happen for a lot of reasons, but often it’s because your blood glucose level fluctuates throughout the day. When you eat something sugary (either natural or refined sugars), your blood sugar spikes and your pancreas releases insulin to bring it back down. If your blood sugar falls too low, you start raiding the cupboards for more sugar.

Chromium Picolinate works with your insulin to stabilise your blood glucose, which keeps you feeling good and helps your body digest the carbs you do eat. Instead of seeing peaks and troughs, you stay closer to baseline and out of the snack drawer.


What does turmeric have to do with fat loss? The answer is pretty surprising.

Those fat burners created for males use an ingredient called “caffeine anhydrous,” which is a stimulant derived from coffee plant leaves and seeds and then dehydrated. Technically, caffeine anhydrous can offer the same caffeine content as coffee, but the body doesn’t process it the same way. Getting caffeine this way may be fine for some men, but it causes some pretty unpleasant side effects for women.

But you thought turmeric is a caffeine alternative? Isn’t that why celebs are always drinking turmeric lattes?

So to skip the large doses of caffeine anhydrous, Leanbean adds turmeric, which is a thermogenic spice. It doesn’t have caffeine, but it does create thermogenesis, which is the same effect on your metabolism as caffeine.

Remember that turmeric has lots of other health benefits, too. So this ingredient is an all-around great thing to have in a fat burner supplement

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

What are the B Vitamins for? Vitamin B6 and B12 promote a healthy metabolism as well as give you more energy. There’s also evidence that Vitamin B can support muscle function, which is great if you’re taking Leanbean to help you meet your fitness goals.

How to Take Leanbean

To get the maximum effects offered by Leanbean, you need to take two capsules three times each day. One month’s supply of Leanbean is 180 capsules.

It’s important to take them with a glass of water and meal or a snack — not on their own. Leanbean says to take each dose 30 minutes before you sit down for breakfast, lunch, or supper. Remember, a Leanbean dose controls cravings and leaves you feeling full after a meal. Leanbean isn’t a meal replacement. Plus, the stimulants could leave you feeling all over the place if you’re not eating enough and drinking plenty of water. Looking and feeling strung out will do nothing for your weight loss goals.

Leanbean says to try their product for at least 90 days before you decide whether it works.

Where to Buy Leanbean

You can find Leanbean on the official Leanbean website (with shipping from the UK and the US to the rest of the world).

Unlike a lot of weight loss pills, Leanbean doesn’t sell its product through any other retailer including Amazon. In fact, the company says that if you see Leanbean on Amazon, then you’re probably looking at a dupe. So, steer clear, especially if you find it at a substantial discount.

The good news: you can use Amazon Pay or Paypal to buy the product directly from the site if you want extra payment protection on top of the money back guarantee offered by Leanbean.

Leanbean PricesLeanbean Options and Prices

What does Leanbean cost? First, you need to know this:

Because you can only buy Leanbean directly from the supplier, you won’t need to shop around to find the best prices.

Prices change, but when we published this review, Leanbean prices were as follows:

  • £39 for a 30 day supply
  • £78 for a 60 day supply
  • £117 for a 120 day supply (four months)

One bottle contains 180 capsules or a one month’s supply. When you buy more bottles, you get more perks. You can get free UK shipping with two bottles and free global delivery with a 120 supply. You’ll also notice that if you buy three bottles you get the fourth free.

Selling it directly and exclusively means that Leanbean does what few other weight loss supplement companies won’t: it offers a money-back guarantee. If you use Leanbean according to the company’s instructions and still don’t get the results you want, they’ll give you your money back on your 90 day supply.

Leanbean Review Final Thoughts

Leanbean is a fat burner specifically formulated for women. It’s not just the pink packaging and the name: the formula caters to the way women tend to interact with food and helps you control portions and curb cravings so that you can burn more fat.

Unlike other weight loss supplements or diet pills, Leanbean has a relatively low dose of stimulants. It uses ingredients like green bean coffee extract to pump up your metabolism, but it doesn’t rely on stimulants for fat burning. It’s the

Remember, Leanbean isn’t a meal replacement shake or pill. You’re still in charge of eating a healthy diet. But if you’re finding that diet and exercise alone aren’t getting you the results you need, then you might find help from the Leanbean fat burner.

Leanbean FAQs

What is Leanbean?

Leanbean is fat burner supplement developed specifically for women, who, according to research find the temptation to overeat harder to resit than men.

Does Leanbean suppress your appetite?

Leanbean can help to suppress your appetite with a key ingredient called glucomannan which effectively helps to absorb water making you feel fuller. This combined with other key ingredients can help to curb your cravings.

Is Leanbean safe to take?

Whilst Leanbean is safe to take in general, you should always consult your doctor or physician before taking any supplements. Leanbean’s formula is a blend of natural ingredients and is produced in FDA approved facilities.

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