Best Fat Burners for Women UK

Finding the best fat burners for women is a question that has been asked many times before within the nutritional and fitness market. Usually, the industry represents fat loss with minor differences between males and females, as hey, it is as simple as ‘energy in‘ always needs to balance or be in deficit with ‘energy out‘ right? A simple formula that has dictated our weight loss journey’s for many, many years.

However, one thing that needs to be considered additionally when we address weight loss in women, is of course the differentiation between women and men. Women and men are made up entirely differently, once we acknowledge hormones and body composition, there is much to take into consideration. Therefore guaranteed, there will be fat burner supplements out there that will harmonise and work in tune with the natural regulation and function of a woman’s body more specifically.

That is what we are here to provide to you. The knowledge for the fat burnring supplements for women specifically!

3 Best Fat Burners for Women – At a Glance

Here is my top list of the three best fat burners for women which are available to buy in the UK.



Leanbean is the first of our fat burner selections. The reason why this comes as the first choice, is due to it having the qualities and compounds that make it perform as the best fat burner overall for women.

It has been clinically proven to excel burn fat, in addition to abiding by the regulatory approvals criteria of the EU for supplement safety.

Key features and benefits:

  • Natural supplement for women
  • Natural ingredients including Glucomannan and Green Tea extract
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Powher Fat Burner for Women


Powher is probably one of the best fat burner options on the market for women looking for that coffee extract boost. It has been known to ramp up your energy levels throughout the day, meaning you will be in tip top shape, if you are feeling low from your current low calorie diet.

Key features:

  • Specifically aimed at losing fat for women
  • Proven appetite suppressant
  • Boosts metabolism

Trimtone Fat Burner for Women


Trimtone is on the natural fat burners exclusively made for women who want to lose fat and specifically body fat with ingredients that aren’t particularly potent.

Contains green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, Glucomannan root fibre and grains of paradise.


Features and benefits

  • Reduces appetite and burns fat
  • Boosts your metabolism naturally
  • Science-backed ingredients

How do fat burners work for women?

Before we think of suggesting some fat burners for women, we need to actually go into detail on the mechanism of how they actually work. It is important to understand what something does to your body before you take it, rather than blindly believe what the package says.

Everything has a scientific elaboration; the more you get into the habit of expanding on that knowledge, the more benefit you will have as you see the wider picture when it comes to your own health and well-being.

The mechanisms that a fat burner operates by to achieve weight loss and help you burn fat, occur via the following methods:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Reduced calorie absorption
  • Increased metabolism (thermogenesis)
  • Increased fat metabolism/fat oxidation

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants from a fat burner essentially will shorten the window of calories you consume within your day, which of course will aid you to lose weight, because you are not eating as much. This presents no science at all, it is as simple as, when you eat less than what your body’s metabolism naturally burns, you will achieve the goal of losing weight.

However, there is some science behind any weight loss supplement that aims in suppressing your appetite.

What has been discovered through certain fat burners, is that they have had a considerable influence over the body’s natural hormone response when it comes to hunger and regulation. Fat burners such as caffeine for example, showed the ability to antagonise Ghrelin, Leptin (the main hunger hormone), promote PYY (Peptide YY) to inhibit hunger and induce a longer term satiety. Clinical trials using placebos alongside caffeinated drinks showed how test subjects managed to feel no hunger after 180 minutes of consuming doses of caffeine.[1] There were also lower plasma levels measured of the hunger hormones, yet there were higher concentrations of PYY.


FYI, The PYY is the body’s third hormone which is induced from the intestine after beginning the digestion process, and it is believed that caffeine is a direct bridge for PPY production that also prohibits the emptying of the gastric i.e. stomach (keeping you fuller for longer). So as you can see, it makes complete sense how you fat burners work in suppressing your appetite!

Caffeine is also one of the most common ingredients within fat burners, for the common goal of suppressing appetite, as well as other aspects such as energy boost etc.

Reduced calorie absorption

Reduced calorie absorption through the utilisation of a fat burner, means that when you eat food, your body does not use up all the calories it consumes within the digestion process, it will be blocked from absorption for synthesis as energy, and go straight through you, as a waste product. Fibre is a similar example of this mechanism, in addition to aiding satiety. This is why, many fat loss based diets for the body are always encouraged to include great amounts of fibre too, as it is a natural fat burner and stimulates appetite suppression too! However, I will get on to that in more detail, a little bit later…

Increased metabolism

Increased metabolism and thermogenesis is a very known quality of a fat burner that helps you lose weight, and burn more calories throughout the day. The question is how? Well, an increased rate of thermogenesis means you’re burning more calories per the hour (increased natural energy expenditure) then you would at your resting metabolic rate. This is often stimulated through the heat inducing natural ingredients list that are included within the fat burners, such as black pepper extract and green tea extract for example. They increase your core temperature and basically make everything work that much faster!

Increased fat metabolism

Increased fat metabolism/fat oxidation is the last factor to consider, when we are thinking of the mechanisms of a fat burner. When you digest a fat burner, they are designed to help advocate the mobilisation of your fat within your white adipose stores. The white adipose is what is considered as the dangerous fat within your body and is generally created through consuming more than what your basal metabolic rate can process and “use up”. Thus, it becomes your energy store. Yet, rest assured, if you have too much fat reserves within your body, the increased fatty acids have been scientifically proven to mess with your body’s natural hormone regulation.

Everything from Leptin, Insulin, Ghrelin etc. will be out of sync and promote further weight gaining problems down the line for you-from not being able to register hunger, fullness and so much more! It will also put you at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Fat metabolism is often propagated through the presence of the L-carnitine, which is one of key ingredients within fat burners, as it activates the cAMP enzyme for lipolysis i.e. the breaking down of fat.

There are many studies which we will go into detail of further within this article, that showcase how fat burners heighten these mechanisms mentioned above, therefore helping you burn more fat, and achieving the weight loss goal that you are longing for.

Always read everything with a pinch of salt however, before you think that a pill can solve all your weight loss dreams. Fat burner supplements are always just that- supplements. They are designed to add to your already existing fat burning and healthy lifestyle regimes. No weight loss program can be solved by just ‘one magic pill’. Health is a much bigger picture than that, and you need to take great caution, by making sure you stick to a nutritionally certified regime, for your maximum safety and long term well being.

Other attributes to consider for fat burning and weight loss

Genetics and hormone regulation

It is all well and good considering to take fat burners for a supplement, however there are some other things that you will need to consider and make sure you are aware of too. First of all, you will need to make sure that before you begin any weight-loss motivated change in lifestyle, you go to your local doctors and take a blood test. The reason why this is so important is, a blood test can provide factual information on your hormone regulation.

Perhaps you have a hormone imbalance that may make weight loss not as straightforward as just going on a restricted diet i.e. thyroid irregularities, high oestrogen levels, insulin resistance. As we mentioned before, fat burners need to come into a huge bigger picture of a healthy lifestyle. That is something that does not occur overnight, so it is better to be safe than sorry, by getting a full checkout before implicating a huge change to your current dietary routine.

Basal metabolic rate

Knowing your body’s natural basal metabolic rate is something you should have knowledge of before making any changes to help you lose weight. You need to know what your natural metabolism works at per day, to help you understand the numeric energy measurements of what you burn naturally throughout the day, as opposed to what you consume into your body. This will depend on how active you are from day to day, alongside your body dimensions i.e. height, weight, muscle composition etc.

Weight loss is driven by a deficit to the energy you consume on a daily basis. If you consume less than your natural energy expenditure, the energy reserves (usually found in fat most commonly) of your body will be used to supplement that requirement, thus leading to weight loss to accommodate for the alternative energy usage of your bodily systems.

To lose 1 pound of fat, it is advised to reduce 500 calories from your daily basal metabolic rate. Of course you can burn more calories by reducing your intake further, yet it is not usually advised to decrease calories too rapidly, as it is not sustainable and can cause long term damage to the natural system of your body. Yes, you have probably heard of this one before-your metabolism will slow down and therefore stop your weight loss efforts!

The best calorie calculator currently on the market is one by Michael Matthews, the creator of the Thinner, Leaner Stronger book series. The calculator will take into account your daily activity, body composition, alongside breaking down the actual macronutrients needed to satisfy your body’s needs to adequately fuel a fat burning lifestyle.

Nutrients and a healthy diet

By now, after everything we have summarised above, you probably have realised how food is key for anyone looking to lose weight sustainably. Studies have shown time and time again that if you supply your body with the right macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, the supplement of fat burners will be far more harmonious with your goals. Even the best fat burner for women on the market today can have side effects, if you do not incorporate them within a healthy diet and lifestyle. Why? because they are not fuel and will not give you the essential proteins and fats to continue everyday bodily functions and cell building.

Healthy Diet

Something to take into consideration, is the integration of dietary fibre alongside your fat burner, diet and exercise. Studies have shown that by introducing 14g of fibre more than two days a week, has seen a 10% decrease in calorie intake consumed, alongside an additional 1.9kg fat loss within 3 months of diet and exercise regimes. [2] There are even further studies from a controlled 40 persons clinical trial that lasted 12 weeks, to suggest that fibre supplements (found within fat burners) contribute to fat loss around the waist circumference, due to gut regulation, increased satiety and hormone management. Test subjects showed statistical significant results of an average of 2.5 cm fat loss from the belly in total.[3] Therefore fibre is yet another great addition to add to your diet and exercise regime!

Aerobic activity and exercise

Of course it should not be a surprise that I suggest an exercise routine within your everyday life. Exercise and general physical activity is a great way to get fat burning going, as the exertion of energy will of course burn more calories from your daily basal metabolic rate and get you towards your calorie deficit goal much more easily.

Many exercises have been proven to even burn calories long after you performed them. One example is HIIT, which makes your body work at its maximum for up to 30 minutes, with minimum breaks. This alone has shown to burn up to 45 more calories per hour, due to your body working harder to get oxygen back to your muscles and mobilise the body’s natural energy stores i.e. fat to create ATP (energy). The process scientifically is known as excess post- exercise energy consumption, and has become one of the most recommended energy routines to integrate within your routine for its efficiency. That alongside high intensity incline walking/hiking (less strenuous) has clinically been proved to create the same effect, and again utilise stores from the fat stores concentrated around the body. [4]

HIIT workout

What else do we need to consider when selecting a fat burner for women?

When women are of a childbearing age, menstruation will be a ritual occurrence for most women. Of course, hormone regulation and other circumstances will affect your cycle, however studies have shown that caffeine (a substance available in most fat burners for women) actually promotes heavy uterine bleeding, which ultimately leads to even greater premenstrual cramping side effects.

From a study of a group of Saudi women, those that consumed decaffeinated products did not have such prolonged symptoms, with almost near to no pain. [5] Therefore, it would be a good reason to make note of such side effects (if any) and try and intuitively substitute your fat burners around your natural cycle, to avoid any discomfort or disruptions.

The best fat burner for women to support belly fat loss

With all the scientific factual information that I have listed above, you should have a good idea of what you are looking for within a fat burner supplement. I have listed what I think the best fat burner for women is, and how they will be helping you with your fat burning and weight loss journey. Remember the ingredients like shown within the following fat burner supplements will have different side effects, so you should equate that within your future choice of when you take a fat burner.

Each supplement is designed to help you reach that healthy lifestyle you seek, but you must intuitively integrate it within your everyday lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are fat burning supplements for women safe?

If you follow the recommended guidelines, you will find that the fat burner supplements will always be safe to administer to your body. Always make sure to follow the dosage plan as instructed on the package. If you notice some severe side effects, you should stop taking them, as it means your body does not agree with them-it happens sometimes!
Disclaimer: Always seek medical advice from your doctor before taking any supplements.

When is the best time during the day to take fat burning supplements for women?

Each fat burner will have a different series of instructions. When you take a fat burner, make sure to follow the plan of dosage, as it will maximise its performance. For example, taking the fat burner Powher just before bed by a few hours will be a huge mistake. It has large amounts of caffeine that will disrupt your sleeping patterns for sure.

Can the fat burning supplements for women work without exercise?

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that can reap the benefits of what a healthy lifestyle, an exercise routine and eating right can achieve. Sure, you can take these alone, but you probably will not notice much difference, as all the clinical tests for each of the fat burner extracts showcased the most heightened effects when they were taken combined with intuitive eating and exercise plans.

Which fat burning supplements is best for women?

The choice will depend on you and your body. Each of the examples shown above are catered to women with different requirements. Sure, they will all help you in losing weight, but in terms of the ingredients and suitability? That is up to you. Do you see yourself taking CBD in aid of losing weight for example? The world is your oyster, and most of the options come with a money-back guarantee, meaning you could experiment and see which options work better for yourself, and which caused possible side effects that were not agreeable at all to you. You only find out when you try it, right?
Disclaimer: We advocate you Seek medical advice from your doctor before taking any supplements.


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