HUX Superfood Blend Review

The first thing you notice about HUX Superfood Blend is the vanilla smell in the tub, that translates into the mixture once you add water. The blend of organic superfoods, greens, protein, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, fibre, prebiotics and probiotics make it feel like it should be good for you when you drink it.

HUX Superfood Blend MixedThe blend doesn’t mix as well as some others do. There are still bits of vanilla flavour floating on the top of the drink, but that didn’t put me off drinking it.

The HUX Superfood Blend does taste of Vanilla, it also tastes similar to other greens, a little bit of grass with some sweetness from the natural ingredients and not from any form of artificial or other kind of sweeteners.

Can it do what it claims? Read my HUX Superfood Blend review to find out if this is one of the best super greens powders available!

HUX Superfood Blend at a Glance

HUX Superfood Blend Vanilla


  • Supports immunity
  • Improves digestion and gut health
  • Maintenance of nerves, muscles, bones & joints
  • Supports skin health and repair
  • Regulation of hormones


  • Doesn’t mix well, vanilla flavouring floats
  • Not as many ingredients as other greens

HUX Superfood Blend Ingredients

HUX Superfood Blend contains 13g of plant-based protein, which is more than any other greens powder I have compared.

It also contains 17 organic superfoods which are not really highlighted on the packaging or the website, you have to look and understand what is in the blend, without and amounts of each superfood.

There are 100% RDI of Vitamins A, C and D, plus Vitamin B12 Magnesium, Iron & Calcium. These are all great ingredients, but they are also the ones you would expect in a greens product.

HUX Superfood Blend Supplement facts

As you can see, the list of ingredients isn’t as comprehensive as other greens, but it does have a decent amount of protein so it is more than just a multivitamin with added greens blends like most others.

It has a lot of good ingredients, but the label doesn’t really do justice to everything in the product, the people at HUX have decided to just have an ingredients list rather than a full list of the amounts of each of the blends / greens / other ingredients. It’s a shame as if you look hard enough on the website you can see what is in this product, it isn’t as easy as others like Supergreen TONIK or even Longevity Stack Supergreens

HUX Superfood Blend Ingredients
HUX Superfood Blend Range

The HUX website has a number of different products, including different flavours, nootropics and hydration packs.

Who is HUX Superfood Blend for?

HUX Superfood Blend has been made and is aimed at supporting gut health; using these ingredients:

  • Iron – gastrointestinal processes.
  • Papain – helps reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Kale – a good source of calcium that promotes gut health.
  • Actazin – for bowl regularity.
  • Bacillus Coagulans – a probiotic that helps your stomach withstand high levels of acid.

I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a natural way to add greens to your diet, along with ingredients for gut health and a boost of protein.

How to take

HUX Health says on their website that you should take the HUX Superfood Blend first thing in the morning, at least an hour before your morning coffee, as caffeine can effect absorption of certain vitamins contained in the blend.

Personally I like to have mine in a small glass of water in the morning with breakfast, but I can’t hold out for an hour for coffee so I probably don’t get the full benefit.

How does it taste?

I have tried many greens powders and HUX Superfood Blend doesn’t taste appealing to me, I don’t like the vanilla flavour, preferring to have a more natural flavour. 

HUX Superfood Blend Mixed

Benefits of taking HUX Superfood Blend

According to the HUX Health website, the HUX Superfood Blend has the following benefits.

  • Supports immunity
  • Improve digestion and gut health
  • Improve recovery from exercise
  • Maintenance of nerves, muscles, bones & joints
  • Supports skin health and repair
  • Regulation of hormones

Are there any side effects?

Personally, I have not noticed any major side effects from this blend, some supergreens can be quite harsh on the stomach, this is not something I have not seen with these supergreens. However, as with any supplement, it is important to be cautious with your dosage and to watch out for any negative side effects which could occur.

Where to buy HUX Superfood Blend

HUX Superfood Blend is available from the HUX Health website.

Buying direct from the manufacturer gives you more protection, although they don’t have a money back guarantee like others including Longevity Stack Supergreens

Like most other supplement companies HUX Superfood provides a ‘subscribe and save’ offer which gives a 30% discount on a 3 month plan or 20% off a subscription which is delivered every 4 weeks.

There are also starter packs where you can get a glass to mix your HUX Superfood Blend, there is a handy line on the side of the glass so you never add too much water.

HUX Superfood Blend Glass

My Verdict on HUX Superfood Blend

HUX Superfood Blend are a decent enough blend of different minerals and vitamins which give an energy boost, plus 13g of protein make this more than just a greens, but almost a protein powder. Some of the meal replacements I have compared have the same amount of protein in them.

This is almost an odd greens, slightly under vitamin’d but with more protein makes this a superfood rather than just a green powder or a meal replacement or even a pure protein powder.

It won’t be for everyone as the taste is very strong of vanilla, but it is palatable and a really good option for anyone who wants a mixture of vitamins, minerals, protein and superfoods.

HUX Superfood Blend FAQs

Are superfood mixes good for you?

Drinking superfood powder can be a powerful way to get in a nutritious, balanced meal if you are short of time or don’t have a varied diet.

When should I drink superfood?

The morning the best time to drink superfood or greens powders, as it is probably the most convenient time to take them. You can also drink a superfood at lunchtime.

What is superfood blend?

Superfood blends are usually a combination of foods that boast various antioxidant properties, with vitamins and minerals and supergreen blends.