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Why I Started Running

Why I started running

Everyone comes to running in their own way – my journey started in a playground – not as a kid but as a new dad. My son was around 2 years old, full of energy and bumbling around the local playground as they do at that age. While I was watching him, I noticed a little boy who looked around 5 years old with his dad. The other dad was a big guy, carrying a lot of weight and absolutely exhausted. He sat down for a breather and his son who was clearly full of beans, copied his dad and sat down beside him and stopped playing.

At that moment my heart broke – poor little lad just wants to play and the dad was just not able to keep up. It really made me self-reflect on “will I be able to keep up?” and realistically it would not be much longer before I was in a similar situation. Working in sales my week included lots of big steaks and boozing.

That week, I downloaded a “couch to 5k” app and started the programme (I couldn’t even manage a 100m run on the first day) and slowly but surely I started introducing more exercise and health into my life to the point now where my long run on a Sunday is an easy 18 to 30 miles.

Couch to 5k

My progress had lots of ups and downs, injuries and plenty of sweating. What I’m most proud of is not the ultra marathons I’ve done, how good I look as a thinner version of myself but that I can still keep up with my now 9 year old son and can still easily wear him out when we play.

What did I learn over the last 6 years?

For me, booking a race or event is key to motivation for training. I really enjoy the races where its right on the cusp of my physical ability and creates a “will I/wont I tension”

Stopping drinking was a game changer on a number of levels for me. I sleep better, find it easier to get up and work out in the morning as well as the very easy weight loss. This didn’t happen overnight and I’ll still occasionally have a big booze up.

I learnt the hard way that I can’t out train a bad diet, getting an expert to look at what I was eating and helping me dial in my calories and macros was really key in losing weight
Consistency over time with training was what drove real change in my performance. For me this was a big lesson as I’d always want to see instant results, but it really doesn’t work like that

What supplements do I take?

  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotic
  • Zinc/Calcium

What does my diet look like?

I follow an 18:6 Intermittent fasting protocol (it’s not for everyone, works great for me)

For lunch I’ll make a homemade protein shake and an omelette.

The shake

  • Organic Hemp Protein powder
  • Soya Milk
  • Banana
  • Frozen Spinach

The Omelette

  • 1 whole egg
  • 3 egg whites
  • Fried onions/pepper or Kimchi

Dinner is whatever my wife cooks!

Race Goals

As everything is currently cancelled, I’ll be attempting a Virtual backyard Ultra in early April, which I’ll dedicate my next blog post to.

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