Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Review

Bulk is one of the most popular words in the fitness industry, and with good reason.

Because once you’re done losing body fat, the next program you’re interested in is a bodybuilding program.

This is when all the fitness bros chime in on the best food to eat, how much you should eat per day, or what workouts to maximise rest days.

When you’re in bulking mode, it’s also the time when the people on Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram tend to recommend the best supplements for massive gains.

There are far too many bulking formulas in the market, but today I will review Mass Gainer from Crazy Nutrition.

Is Mass Gainer worth your time? Does the formula work as advertised? Read my Crazy nutrition mass gainer review to find out.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer at a glance

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer


  • Premium carbs
  • Quality whey protein blend and whey protein isolate
  • High creatine monohydrate dosage
  • Big 200 gram serving size


  • Only 5 servings per container
  • Two flavours only
  • Pricey per serving

What’s inside the formula?

Let’s take a look at what’s inside this muscle mass gainer.

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most commonly found ingredients in gym supplements, especially pre-workouts.

Why? Because creatine happens to be one of the best in the business when it comes to muscle recovery and strength gains.

When you ingest creatine, two things happen:

  • Your muscles recover faster. This allows you to build muscle faster than usual. You’re also capitalising on your body’s anabolic processes, hence why many take creatine as a post-workout more than a pre-workout.
  • You can train longer. Taking creatine before a dose of heavy lifts can help build endurance. Your muscles get a lot more power, which then delays fatigue.

At 6 grams per serving, the dose is actually within what many studies use, so the benefits mentioned are definitely expected.

ASTRAGIN (Astragalus membranaceous & Panax notoginseng (root extracts))

Astragin is a premium bioavailability booster. It works by making the ingredients in the formula easier to absorb, funnelling them to where they need to go fast.

This effect can prevent unnecessary digestive breakdown, which happens to many supplements who just include ingredients in high doses and expect them to function 100%

SENACTIVE (Panax notoginseng (root) & Rosa roxburghli (fruit) extracts)

Senactive is a patented and plant-based ingredient that’s been shown to promote muscle energy and muscle preservation, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

In the case of a bulking product like what I have here, Senactive works by preventing muscle loss when you work out with the heaviest sets you can do.

You see, the body tends to cannibalize muscle tissue when it desperately needs nutrients or energy.

Senactive allows you to go beyond your personal reps and sets without worrying about losing your massive gains.

DigeZyme Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase)

If Astragin works directly on the ingredients in the formula, DigeZyme works on your stomach, or should I say, work with it.

As the name implies, DigeZyme is a blend of digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes help break down nutrients faster, letting the body metabolize them sooner and use them in time for a variety of functions, including energy and muscle growth.

It also has another side benefit: DigeZyme helps reduce the bloating you would feel if you were to ingest large amounts of creatine.

Creatine’s problem is at high amounts, it takes a long while for the body to fully digest it. This causes the bloating nobody likes, or that feeling of fullness that can also seem vomit-inducing.

DigeZyme’s enzyme blend helps reduce the risks of bloating by breaking down creatine FASTER. The sooner creatine is absorbed, the sooner it leaves your stomach, so the bloating you’ll feel (at most) would be minimal.

Gluten free oat flour CARB10 (pea starch)

Carbs are the source of glycogen by your muscles.

Think of glycogen as energy storage our muscles use when we do the heavy lifts or when we run long distances.

Without glycogen, we’ll fatigue pretty fast and the body will have to resort to eating its own muscle tissue for energy or emergency sustenance.

Carb10 is a premium form of starch sourced from pea.

Pea starch is a type of complex carb. Complex carbs are the carbs you want when your muscle building, as they don’t cause a huge energy spike, which also leads to blood sugar spikes.

To simplify simple carbs, these are the ones found mostly in beverages like sodas or anything “in-can.”

They have their purpose, like when you need to have a great burst of energy right away, but they’re not something that can lead to muscle growth or is ideal for muscle recovery.

Complex carbs like the one I’m seeing here provides a sort of slow energy release alongside dietary fibre and other nutrients.

So, while you won’t get that spike in energy a regular energy drink can give you, you also won’t suffer from a sugar crash minutes into training.

The dose per serving is 100 grams.

While that may seem high, you actually want that to be at least 200 grams, especially when some of the more popular formulas use 200 grams as a baseline for their carb content.

Whey powders (isolate & concentrate)

The protein source, as with most bulking formulas, is whey. This whey blend consists of two types: Isolate and concentrate.

The difference between the two wheys is the rate of absorption. Concentrate is the common form of whey and is the slowest whey form when it comes to absorption.

Whey isolate is the upgraded version of concentrate, but it’s also the more expensive of the two.

By putting the two wheys into one blend, you are effectively making a good balance between quantity and absorption rate.

The protein content per serving is decent, or just better than your average protein formulas. The cheaper ones tend to go with pure concentrate and add 28 grams, but what you’re after is what the body uses and not just discards.

In the case of the 26 grams blend of isolate and concentrate, it’s better than a pure 28 grams concentrate-only whey blend.

Does it work?

At 200 grams per serving, with 26 grams protein and quality key ingredients, I can definitely say it works when it comes to all your bulking or mass gainer needs.

The formula has synergy regarding absorption and nutrient breakdown. It also has complementary ingredients that work together to maximise the body’s anabolic state during and after training.

The only issues I have are the low carbs per serving and the number of servings per tub. Apart from those two, I can definitely say you can experience quality bulking from this formula.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Supplement Facts

In the label below you can clearly see the nutrition facts claimed by the manufacturer of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Nutrition Information

Who is this mass gainer for?

This mass gainer protein supplement was designed for lifters who want all the muscle mass without the erratic blood sugar spikes, bloating, or gas.

This mass gainer formula is also designed for lifters who are on a bit of a budget.

Some of the more popular mass gainers in the industry can cost up to £40 per tub or more, while this mass gainer goes for a more approachable £27.99 if you choose to subscribe.

While the price is indeed more cost-effective in the long term, some lifters just want a quick sub or alternative that is of high quality while also avoiding cheap fillers.

How to take Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Crazy Nutrition’s MASS GAINER is crafted to be taken on a daily basis, either before or after an intense training session, between meals, or even as a complete meal replacement.

  • Step 1: Add 6 scoops of MASS GAINER to 15 oz (0.57 kg) to 20 oz (0.76 kg) of water, either in a shaker or in a glass.
  • Step 2: Shake or blend and enjoy any time of the day!
  • Step 3: Add MASS GAINER to your daily routine to experience even better results.

Benefits of Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

I think this mass gainer formula can help users gain the following muscle mass benefits:

  • More muscle mass
  • Faster muscle growth and muscle recovery
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Quality carbs from pea starch
  • Rapid absorption

Side effects of this weight gainer

The only side effect to worry about is if you’re allergic to milk or dairy in general.

The formula uses whey, so those who are lactose intolerant or have acne breakouts when consuming dairy will not have a quality experience with mass gainers like this product.

There is also the risk of bloating since it uses the regular form of creatine instead of the trending micronised creatine.

Where to buy Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

This mass gainer seems to be exclusively available on their dedicated website here.

How does this mass gainer taste?

“If you want to increase size and pack on muscle fast, then look no further than MASS GAINER. Take a look at the ingredients for yourself. These guys put a lot of attention to detail when it comes to their formula. And the best part is— it actually tastes great! Try it and see for yourself.”

Danni Levy, TV Fitness Expert

My verdict on Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer

Creating a high quality mass gainer supplement in the industry isn’t difficult. The formulas are easy to copy, and the science is continuously evolving, letting newer supplements be more advanced as time goes on.

In that regard, it’s not surprising that Crazy Nutrition supplement created a high quality mass gainer.

Instead of trying something novel or experimental, the people behind Crazy Nutrition stuck to their guns and went the usual route, with a twist.

That twist is including ingredients that boost absorption.

Adding the likes of ASTRAGIN, SENACTIV, and DigeZyme lets your mass formula to be easily absorbed in the system. This is important as when it comes to those who want to gain muscle mass fast.

Creating a bulky body composition means the protein and carbs don’t stay too long in the gut and, instead, are taken to the parts of the body where they need to be, especially during and post-exercise.

While there’s no denying this Crazy Nutrition supplement is of high quality, I can’t help but scoff at the number of servings per tub.

At 5 servings per 1 kg, you are taking about £7 per serving.

That isn’t cheap, considering you’re supposed to take this whenever you lift. Compared to other mass gainers, they offer a higher total price, but with a higher number of servings.

One of the most popular mass gainers in the industry is ON Serious MASS.

At around £49 per tub, ON Serious MASS offers 8 servings or almost a pound cheaper per serving.

Despite the price tag, however, I do think Crazy nutrition’s formula is still great, so I do recommend it for those who are cycling their current bulk powders or looking for a quick fix when your usual brand runs out.

Please note:  All prices quoted are correct at 29/03/2022

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer FAQs

Here are some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about this muscle growth supplement:

What is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer?

According to their website, Crazy Nutrition’s MASS GAINER formula is designed to give you a massive size boost, pack on muscle more efficiently, and improve recovery without using rubbish cheap fillers like maltodextrin.

Is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer safe to take?

Yes, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is safe enough if you’re not allergic to dairy products.
The most you can get based on their ingredients list is the usual side effect associated with creatine, which is bloating.

Who makes Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer?

Crazy Nutrition (Wolfson Brands) makes Mass Gainer in both the UK and USA.

How do I contact Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer customer service?

Crazy Nutrition have the following options available for customers:
Live Chat:
Phone: +44 (0) 203 107 4321

What’s missing from Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer?

I think the formula can use some branched chain amino acids or BCAAs. BCAAs are kind of like creatine, but more energy and more about actual muscular mass.

It should also be noted that amino acids are the building blocks of protein, so having more is actually a good thing when it comes to muscle building supplements.

How quickly does Crazy nutrition mass gainer work?

Considering the formula does have three bioavailability boosters on deck, I think it’s safe to say the creatine, carbs, and protein will find their way to where they need to be in no time.

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